Feasibility Study

The need for a strategic vision for the district is clear and a BID is a strong legal vehicle for helping to create and deliver this.

BID Benefits

The benefit of a BID is that it brings business together to create an agreed business plan and provides the resources to promote its delivery in partnership with private and public bodies. With the Brompton Road district falling within two boroughs, a BID is an ideal vehicle for focusing attention and mobilising the various authorities and businesses to make the district’s transformation a priority.

As an integral part of the feasibility study 83 key stakeholders and retailers have been interviewed within the potential BID area to seek their views on the district, their aspirations for the future and their thoughts on establishing a BID.

Success in transforming an area depends on the approval and support of all the different communities within the district. While there are occasionally matters that divide opinions, on the vast majority of issues – from an agreed vision to establishing priorities and on specific proposals – most parts of the community are in agreement. We want to focus on those areas of agreement. Halting decline and improving a district, if managed sensitively to take account of the ambitions and requirements of each community, enhances the lives of residents and the prosperity of businesses.

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